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About Project Overboard

Project Overboard is a big, crazy, ambitious idea that game designer Ryan Henson Creighton had in the weeks leading up to the Toronto Game Jam (TOjam) – an annual get-together that sees over 400 game creators gather together over the weekend of May 11-13, 2012.

Typically, these jams offer a setting for core game creators – like programmers and artists – to get together in small groups and try to make a game over a short time period. Though they showcase an abundance of awesome ideas, the games that emerge from these jams often suffer from a deficiency in managerial coordination, lack the polish of quality graphics, sound and audio, and fail to gain exposure without marketing and business savvy.

For TOjam 2012, Creighton leads a project that attempts to tackle those problems by creating a full games studio at TOjam: Project Overboard. Gathering a group of over 30 participants from all professional aspects of the games industry – including voice actors, a project manager, producer, marketing team, animators and more – the project sees the diverse talents of Toronto’s most talented game creators coming together for possibly the largest game jam team ever assembled.

In the spirit of giving more opportunities to deserving people, all funds raised from game sales and fundraising for Project Overboard go towards sending kids to technology camps. See Get the Game for details.

Creighton, founder of Untold Entertainment, co-created the award-nominated Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure with his 5-year-old daughter Cassandra at the last TOjam. Stay on the Project Overboard ship to watch our exciting experiment rise with the tide: play our awesome game and support a worthy cause.

Join our adventure on Twitter and Facebook as we make game jam history!

Team Members

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Morgan White

Filmmaker, Documentary

Morgan White – bio coming soon.

Coming Soon...

Editor, Documentary

Stephen Reese – bio coming soon.

Coming Soon...

Videographer, EPK

Chad Mitchell – bio coming soon.

Coming Soon...

Voice Record Engineer

Scott McManus – bio coming soon.

Simone Maurice

Filmmaker, Documentary

Simone Maurice – bio coming soon.



Jorge the piñata ran away from his former team at the Toronto Game Jam after realizing that the sole purpose of his existence was to be ritualistically beaten to death.

Thankfully, he found a new home at Project Overboard, an animal-friendly team.

Coming Soon...


Carter Marshall – bio coming soon.

Coming Soon...

Voice Performer – Athena

Elaine Kwan – bio coming soon.

Eric Kim


Eric Kim began his career in comics with Oni Press. He also illustrated Degrassi: The Next Generation Vol. 3, created the comic strip series Battle Academy, The Sidesteppers (appearing in Owl Magazine), and Streta, which is currently being showcased on TX Comics.

Coming Soon...

Voice Performer – Oracle, Cassiopeia

Shannon Keast – bio coming soon.

Paul Hillier


Paul Hillier takes pictures, he travels, he designs, he does karate, he stops global warming, battles the evils of poor time manegment and is the poeple’s champion in all things ever.  He often tells people to visit his site.


David Godfrey

Voice Performer – Polydectes

David Godfrey - From a very young age, David was fascinated with performance and media, acting like a rockstar banging the pans, impersonating Arnold Horseshack offering his own instant replay of a sporting event, and even splicing and editing the family films..

Decades later, his attitude hasn’t changed.. at all…

David always provides fast, professional results, with passion and pride in every project, no matter how big or small.


GRAY AT MIC 2_opt-1

Voice Performer – Narrator, Dictys, Deino

Gray Gleason - After more than two decades of running voice and music recording studios in Los Angeles, Hawaii and Asia – working with some of the best in the biz – and a lot of “”OJT” – Gray can give you a natural, ‘guy next door’ read — or, if you need it – he can put “radio” into his read – and give you the high end punch you’re looking for.

Coming Soon...

Voice Performer – Danae

Christa Gardner – bio coming soon.

Ajay Fry

Voice Performer – Perseus

Ajay Fry - Apart from lending his voice to Perseus Ajay Fry is one of the hosts of InnerSPACE. A nightly entertainment news show on SPACE (weekdays at 6). When not working or travelling across the nation for conventions, he’s an avid PC gamer. Current favorites include MineCraft, League of Legends, Diablo 3 and of course Head of the Gorgon.

Coming Soon...

Voice Performer – Andromeda

Caitlin Forsyth – bio coming soon.

Jenn Edgar

Senior Marketing Advisor

Jenn Edgar – bio coming soon.


Hunter Collins

Voice Performer – Medusa, Pemphredo, Phineas, Stheno

Hunter Collins – bio coming soon.

Shawn Chahar

Voice Performer – Enyo, Game Master

Shawn Chahar – bio coming soon.


Voice Performer – Hermes

David Heti is a stand-up comic who may lawyer. Having spoken both in court and on stage in a single day, providing the voice of some animated Greek god or something really didn’t seem like such a big deal somehow.

Cassandra Chui

Production Assistant; QA Tester; Marketing Assistant

Cassandra Chui was born to make games. Or at least, she thinks so. She was born and raised in Mississauga, one of the most boring cities in southern Ontario. She got the heck outta there, and is now living in Toronto, where she’s learning how to program, animate and make music for games a little at a time. In her spare time, she likes to play games, go shopping and make robot noises. Sometimes all at the same time. Also, she loves games.

Chelsea Ferguson

Illustration and Animation

Chelsea Ferguson is a student animator that lives in Toronto, Ontario. She goes to school at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and is known for drawing dogs. Tons of dogs. Dogs everywhere. My Little Pony is also something she really enjoys. Ponies and dogs are mostly what her sketchbook consists of. Her diet is a healthy balance of candy, chocolate and more candy. She’s interning at Untold Entertainment in Toronto over the summer which she plans to slowly infect with dogs and ponies. Soon.

Simon Poole


Simon Poole is a composer for Film, TV, advertising and Games. He’s currently eating a Pizza Pocket and will regret it later. @SimonPooleMusic


Simon on Vimeo


Andrew Carreiro

Website Developer

Andrew Carreiro is a web designer/developer with a love for gaming culture. He’s also the co-founder of @1MoreCastle, a retro games blog that will be launching in the next few weeks.



Nicholas Ng-A-Fook


Nicholas Ng-A-Fook is a graduate of triOS College currently interning at Untold Entertainment. Follow him on twitter @nngafook and check out some of his stuff at www.nngafook.com

Robert French

Developer (Game and Website)

Robert French is a freelance software developer, consultant and Professor of Video Game Development at triOS College in downtown Toronto and a Professor of Video Game Design at Trillium College in beautiful Peterborough. Robert views himself as a vibrational essence, experiencing a physical manifestation and is always up for awesome!

Alex Hayter

Marketing Associate

Alex Hayter is Marketing Manager at Spongelab Interactive and a recent Master’s graduate at York University, having written his thesis on videogames that cover the news. In spite of a background in journalism, he cares little for the outside world.




Deryk Ouseley

Project Manager

Deryk Ouseley is an experienced Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Intern at Zinc Roe and a soon to be graduate of the Children’s Entertainment Program at Centennial College.  Currently he’s aiming to bottle awesomeness into an interactive elixir App that cures frowns.

Michelangelo Pereira

Marketing Associate

Michelangelo Pereira is a Gaming Community Manager for the Social Sparkle & Shine agency. He has two years of professional experience in the gaming industry and loves lone walks on the beach.



Sarah Anne Davis

Illustration and Animation

Sarah Anne Davis has been a freelance artist for 12 years, with a particular interest in sequential art, animation, and layout. She is currently an animation student at Sheridan College and interning at Untold Entertainment.



Sasha Boersma


Sasha Boersma is sometimes a Producer/Business Analyst to the games industry, and sometimes an educator/researcher on interactive/integrated media for Centennial College.  Games and websites she’s produced have won Gemini Awards and sold to broadcaster portals worldwide. Her weakness? Gourmet chocolate.

Ryan Henson Creighton

Creative Director

Ryan Henson Creighton is the President and founder of Untold Entertainment Inc., a boutique studio in downtown Toronto. Untold’s original properties include Putty Crime, Spellirium, and Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure, which became a worldwide viral hit after Ryan co-authored it with his five-year-old daughter Cassandra.

Diane Erlich

Website Designer

Diane Erlich is owner of Orchid Graphics and is on the Faculty at George Brown College, School of Design. She has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 25 years, branched out to 3D animation and gaming for the last 5 years and was kicked out of ninja school

.. they said they could see her.

Mark Pynn

Sound Effects

Mark Pynn is not only an audio engineer, but also a musician primarily using his studio to produce his original songs under the name Pynner.  Initially he was a drummer for several bands, but now he sings and plays guitar, keys and bass as well.  His current project is a science-fiction concept album.  www.pynner.com

Christopher Martin

Voice Record Engineer

Christopher Martin

Partner at The Post Office, a music & sound design agency with focus on interactive and new media. 179 John st. Founder of Tunester.com, a talent pool of freelance producers, sound designers, and artists that’s utilized interactively on projects by The Post Office.


Rob Martin

Illustration / Animation

Rob Martin is a digital animator who has worked on a handful of independent game titles over the past few years. Rob holds an Advanced Diploma in Video Game Development from George Brown College specializing in animation. website: www.robmartin.ca
email: info@robmartin.ca

Dan Nascimento

Illustration / Animation

Originally from Brazil, Dan Nascimento came to Canada after finishing his BA in media communications to specialize in animation. He’s currently enrolled in the BAA Animation program at Sheridan College and will be graduating in 2013. Dan hopes to find a place in the industry doing what he love the most and sharing what he has to offer.

Stefan Grambart

Illustration / Animation

Stefan Grambart works as Art Director for Secret Location, where he helps design rad projects fueled by interactive storytelling. When he’s not making pixels go bleep-bloop, he puts pencil to paper and draws all kinds of characters – for comics, art prints, or whatever. You can find his work at stefangrambart.ca.

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Gold Level Sponsor: Bento Miso

Thanks to Bento Miso for sending three kids to technology camp for a full week!


Bronze Level Sponsor: Sony Music Canada

Thanks to Sony Music Canada for helping to send a kid to science camp for a full week!

Get the Game

Project Overboard’s hilarious, incredible, yet-to-be created videogame entitled Head of the Gorgon will be available for download soon.

The project will see the creation of a complete adventure game made over the course of just three days during the weekend of May 11-13, at TOjam 7. The game retells the myth of Perseus in the style of Grecian figure pottery.

Every penny made from game sales and fundraising efforts goes to the Foundation for Student Success, the charitable arm of the Toronto District School Board. These funds will send kids to technology camps to learn how to build robots and make video games. Buy the game to help out, or donate any amount directly to our chosen charity.


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